Product Detail

Open Type Headbox


It’s suitable for the paper machine with working speed 80~480m/min as the requested design.

-Equipped with dial gauge for fine tuning.

-Paper web Lateral directional difference is ±1%~2%

-It consists of pulp spreader device, homogenate device, lip device, trimming device,   movable box body support, air cushion pressure device and so on.


For example: 1800/200 Open Type Headbox


Paper kinds:Kraft paper, fluting paper

Raw material:Wood pulp, waste paper

Working speed:90-180m/min 

Design speed:200m/min 


Spout width:2100mm 

Pulp inflow consistency:0.4%-0.8% 

Dryness of finished paper:93%

Beating degree:20-50ºSR

Diameter of breast roll:Φ400

Headbox bottom rail gauge:2700mm     

Vertical distance from breast roll center to bottom rail plane: mm

Horizontal distance from breast roll center to bottom rail center: mm

Machine type:Left hand machine

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