Product Detail

50TPD Newsprint Paper Machine


1. Paper kinds: Newsprint paper, offset paper, electrostatic copy paper

2. Quantitative: 40~90g/m2,normally is 48g/m2

3. Furnish: Waste paper

4. Trim width: 3000mm

5. Reel paper width: 3050mm

6. Wire width: 3600mm

7. Gauge: 4100mm

8. Working speed: 150-280m/min

9. Design speed: 300m/min

10. Dynamic balance speed: 500m/min

11. Crawling speed: 20m/min

12. Theoretical capacity: 54t/22.5(v=280m/min,b=3000mm q=48g/m2h)

13. Nominal capacity: 50t/d

14. Driving mode: All digital vector AC frequency conversion segment drive 14 parts,total 497.5KW.

15. Form: Single-layer layout

16. Arrangement: Looking from reeling machine to headbox, drive at left  and right hand side.

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