Product Detail

Stick Paper Coating Machine


1. Type: Multipurpose coating and laminating

2. Raw materials: Paper, craft paper, film, etc.

3. Coating adhesive material: Solvent base glue, water base glue, silicone oil,   PVA and ink.

4. Effective working breadth: 700-1400mm

5. Breadth of idler pulley: 1450mm

6. Coating line speed: 10m/min-130m/min(coating speed depends on the   used base material and glue characteristic etc. factor)

7. Design speed: 150m/min

8. First unwinding max. diameter: Double station 1200mm

9. Laminating material unwinding max. diameter: Double station 1200mm

10. Max diameter of rewinder: Double station 1200mm

11. Oven heating method: Steam cycle heating

12. Overall size(L×W×H): 26m×3.2m×4.8m

13. Total weight: About 25 MT

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