Product Detail

Suction Rolls


1. Type: Suction couch roll, suction turning roll, suction pick-up roll, suction press roll.

2. Diameter: 500-1000mm

3. Facelength: 1470-6400mm

4. Width: 1092-5500mm

5. Dynamic balancing speed: 250-1200m/min

6. Dynamic balancing quality: G2.5/G4

7. Application: Papermaking

8. Materials: Roll body material is stainless steel, the surface of suction couch roll and suction pick-up roll can be drilled hole, suction press roll surface can be drilled hole after covered with rubber, and the surface of suction turning roll can be covered with rubber or nothing.

9. Function: These rolls play different rolls, such as wire section of paper machine, turning section, dewatering and delivering the paper web of press section.

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