Product Detail

Air Cushion Headbox


Adaptive speed: 100~500M/min (designed on requirements)

For example: 3600/350 Air Cushion Type Headbox

Technical parameters:

Paper kinds: 100-180 g/m2 paper

Raw material: Reborn waste paper pulp

Quantitative: 100~180g/m2

Trim width: 3600mm

Nozzle width: 3900mm

Working speed: 250--300m/min

Design speed: 350m/min

Pulp consistency: 0.8%~1.1%

Contraction percentage of paper web: ≦4

Retention rate: 75%

Gauge: 4800mm

Arrange type: Left hand machine


The headbox consists of square taper tube device, evener roll device, top lip plate adjusting device, box body, control system, spraying device, air path system, etc. The headbox is designed with customer performance parameters, which can ensure work performance.

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